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Learning Resources and Services

Learning Labs

Business Math Center (SFCC)

Learn basic mathematical operations to solve practical business applications. Skills learned will be immediately applicable to your personal life and professional career. Business math courses are conveniently arranged into 1, 2, 3 and 5 credit options and the lab environment allows students to work as quickly as they're able while still providing one-on-one instruction and encouragement as needed.

For more information, call (509) 533-3703.

Business Technology Center (SCC)

The SCC Business Technology department offers individualized instruction in a broad selection of computer-based courses.

Courses for 2.5-credits in Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Word, and Project are designed specifically for those who have an interest in learning more about these software programs. All of these courses meet for approximately five weeks. Five-credit courses for students preparing for an office career include Keyboarding 101, Document Processing 102, Word Processing 165, Information Processing 201 (Excel), Advanced Information Processing 202 (PowerPoint and Access), Machine Transcription 235, and Integrated Office Applications 263.

All of these courses are offered during the day and the evening, on Saturdays, and online via the Internet.

For more information, call SCC, (509) 533-7343.

Business Technology Computer Classroom (SFCC)

The SFCC Business Technology Computer Classroom is located in Building 18, Room 219. Classes offered include beginning and advanced levels of keyboarding, formatting, skill building, machine transcription, as well as model office practicum classes. The computer classroom is open a variety of morning and evening hours to accommodate schedules. Students may choose to take classes for credit or noncredit, on campus or online, and should speak with an adviser/instructor to determine which class is right for them.

For more information, call (509) 533-3841.

Center for Entrepreneurship (SCC)

The Center for Entrepreneurship offers a hands-on approach to training future business leaders and entrepreneurs. The center offers a three quarter Entrepreneurship Certificate program where students create a business from the ground up. College instructors working together with local business and community leaders guide students through the process of starting and launching a business.

Faculty and staff work closely with the Small Business Administration, Small Business Development Center, local Chambers of Commerce, Society of Retired Executives (SCORE) and many others. Advisory committee members are successful entrepreneurs, lenders, business consultants, accountants and legal experts. The center's instructors bring a wide variety of specialties and expertise to the program and have a wealth of information to offer future leaders through instruction, advice and resources.

The Center for Entrepreneurship is conveniently located in a state-of-the-art facility, specially designed for business success, in Building 1, Room 127 on the SCC campus.

For more information, visit the Center for Entrepreneurship website or call (509) 533-7372.

College Literacy Center (CLC) (SFCC)

Many students entering college or returning after an extended absence from studies need additional reading, writing, and study-skills to prepare for college-level courses. To meet the needs of these students, SFCC offers Developmental Education courses in the College Literacy Center (CLC). These courses are numbered below 100 and, although taken for credit, are nontransferable.

The College Literacy Center (CLC) is located in Building 5, Room 113. For more information, call (509) 533-3601.

Competency-based Education Lab (SFCC)

The Competency-Based Education (CBE) Lab is primarily a Mac computer lab located in Building 19, Room 216. It supports the Visual & Performing Arts Division as well as the Business, Professional Studies & Workforce Education Division. The CBE Lab includes a graphics/web design lab, interpreter training lab, PC AutoCAD lab, test proctoring area, and open lab space for all currently enrolled students. A wide variety of graphics, multimedia, office, and Internet applications are available. A wide variety of graphics, multimedia, office and Internet applications are available, including Adobe Creative Suite.

For more information, call (509) 533-3418.

Computer Applications Center (SFCC)

Computer applications (CAPPS) courses are offered in Building 18, Room 219. Each quarter, a broad selection of courses is offered in a computer center setting with instructor guidance. Students can choose a variable number of credits (1-8 credits) and work at their own pace, within a due-date structure, to determine the length of their course. The computer classroom is open a variety of morning and evening hours to accommodate schedules. Courses offered in this setting include Windows Operating System, Introduction to Office, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher. Students can also enroll in teacher-led Outlook. Enrollment in CAPPS classes can occur at the beginning of the quarter or at any time up to the last three weeks of a quarter. Students may choose to take classes for credit or noncredit, and should speak with an adviser or instructor to determine which class is right for them. For more information, call (509) 533-3841.

Microsoft Computer Applications Specialist Certification - SFCC is an Authorized Testing Center for the exams. For more MCAS information, call (509) 533-3486.

Mathematics Learning Center (SFCC)

Courses from basic math through intermediate algebra can be taken in the SFCC Mathematics Learning Center by independent, disciplined, self-motivated, goal-oriented individuals. These courses are offered at a variety of times (including evenings and weekends) with an individualized, self-paced learning format. Video and/or computer-based tutorials are offered for these courses. Geometry also is offered as independent study.

Learning Center personnel provide assistance in the areas of math review, metric system, plane geometry, pre-algebra, elementary and intermediate algebra.

The Mathematics Learning Center is located in Building 18, Room 213. For more information, call (509) 533-3671.

Peer Services (SFCC)

Peer Services offers free tutoring, mentoring, general studies skills/strategies support, and Ask-a-Student general information. The peer tutors are selected based on successful completion of the courses (3.5 or better) with the recommendation of subject instructors. Peer tutors are current students at SFCC, Gonzaga, Whitworth and volunteer staff. Peer tutors are available in over 36 subjects including Math, Writing, English development, Science and many others.

Visit the Tutoring Center in the Falls Gateway Building 30, Room 115 or Math Peer Tutoring area in Building 18, Room 213F, or in the Science Tutoring area in Building 28, Room 121. See the Peer Tutor website at for times and locations of specific tutors.

The college is a participating member of the Western States eTutoring Consortium at providing 24/7 tutoring assistance. Online tutoring also is available through the link to Khan Academy for 24/7 online tutorial support.

For more information, call (509) 533-3933.

Tutoring Services (SCC)

SCC Tutoring Services includes a Mathematics Learning Center, Writing Center, Science Learning Center, and Computer Labs for student use. The mission of Tutoring Services is to maintain a learning environment where every individual is valued, challenged, encouraged, and empowered to gain the confidence and skill to become an independent learner.

Tutoring Services employs approximately 60 tutors who are SCC students, students from local universities, and paid or volunteer professional staff.

As of the beginning of Fall Quarter 2016, the Writing Center and tutoring for languages and social sciences will be located in the Main Tutoring Center, Building 1, Room 106. Until then, these services are located in Building 1, Room 1220. The Math Learning Center is located in Building 27, Room 109, and the Science Learning Center is located in Building 27, Room 212.

Spokane Community College provides access to online tutors through the Western eTutoring Consortium. Tutors are available during extended hours, on weekends, and many holidays.

For more information on hours of operation and online tutoring, visit or call 509-533-7322.


Learning Resources Center (SCC)

The SCC Learning Resources Center (LRC) houses Library Services and the Media Center. The Library provides access to extensive information resources. The print collection includes over 44,000 volumes, complemented by approximately 150 periodical titles. The media collection includes more than 3,000 video tapes, DVDs and music CDs. In addition, the library webpage provides access to a variety of databases, eBooks and other resources selected to support coursework. Students can get research assistance in person at the reference desk, by phone, via e-mail, and also by using a 24/7 online chat service. Computer stations and a wireless network are available for student research. Several study rooms are available for individual and group study. The SCC library is home to the Footprint Coffee Stand, allowing students to enjoy a beverage and/or snack while they research, study or enjoy a good book.

For more information, call Library Services, (509) 533-7055.

The Hagan Foundation Center for the Humanities is located on the second floor of the library. It is dedicated to the study and celebration of the humanities and serves as a place for the college to hold readings, workshops, presentations, dialog and classes in an intimate, cheerful, flexible space.

The Media Center houses a wide variety of technology-based services and resources. The Instructional Media Lab includes 30 computers with high speed Internet access, MS Office, resume writing software and other applications. Color and black and white laser printers are available. Students can use the open lab to create projects, work on assignments, do research, access online classes and accomplish a host of other course-related tasks. Laptop computers, video camcorders, digital cameras, media projectors and other devices can be checked out from the media service desk. Several study rooms are available for individual or group work.

The Presentation Zone is a space in the Media Lab where students can create, refine and rehearse presentations, either individually or as a group. It provides a simulated classroom environment and is equipped with a podium, computer and media projector.

The Lab is also home to the LRC's Testing Center where Media staff proctor eLearning tests and numerous certification exams offered through such services as ACT, ISO-Quality, PSI Lasergrade and Castle Worldwide. In addition to high stakes and elearning exams, the Testing Center also houses SCC's Assessment Testing. Beginning or reactivating college students are placed into the correct courses by taking the appropriate placement tests.

For more information, call the Media Center, (509) 533-8085.

Library (SFCC)

The SFCC Library is in the center of the campus and at the heart of the college's educational mission. It has traditionally been a busy and popular destination for students needing to study, read, check e-mail or just relax.

The library houses the principal campus computer center. Internet access and Microsoft Office software are available at more than 60 computer stations. SFCC students have been notably generous with their technology use fees to ensure the library has up-to-date equipment including a small collection of laptops available for checkout. Students can also access the Internet with their own computers via wireless network or through conveniently located ports.

Media collections include educational, feature and foreign films. All are available for viewing and classroom use, and some may be checked out. A growing collection of audio books supports ESL and developmental reading classes.

Library faculty and staff are highly regarded for friendly service and expert assistance in person, via telephone, e-mail and online chat. Library faculty teach classes and provide individualized instruction on campus as well as online. The library also maintains an extensive web site with resource guides and tutorials to assist students and the public with the research process.

For more information, call (509) 533-3800.

Off-campus Student Support Centers

The main Student Support Center is located in the west lobby of the SCC Colville Center. It provides supportive assistance to the Newport and Republic tutor centers and offers all students located off campus additional resources to reinforce classroom instruction. The Centers assist students in strengthening their study skills and provides a wide variety of academic services that promote academic excellence and success. The Tutor Centers utilize one-on-one peer tutoring, Elluminate webcam eTutoring and Cranium Café sessions or phone appointments. They also provide assistance with FAFSA, online New Student Orientation, registration, book orders and Canvas. All Centers have computers and assistive technologies for student use. Full services are offered fall, winter and spring quarters with limited services available summer quarter.

For more information, call (509) 685-2122 or (509) 279-6702.

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